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Youth Stand : Swift Implementation of Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan (MCCP) and Scrapping of Intergrated Energy and Power Sector Master Plan (IEPMP)

The Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan outlines Bangladesh’s commitment to transitioning to renewable energy sources. Ambitious targets have been set, aiming for 30 percent renewable energy usage by 2030, 50 percent by 2041, and ultimately achieving 100 percent by 2050. At the rally, speakers emphasized the importance of aligning the IEPMP project with the goals of the Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan. The IEPMP aims to establish a low or zero-emission energy demand and supply system to ensure energy security and economic sustainability.

A group of impassioned youth staged a flashover rally in Noakhali, urging the government to swiftly implement the Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan (MCPP). Organized in collaboration with Participatory Research & Action Network (PRAAN), CLEAN, Bandhu Shova, and BWGED, the event took place at Noakhali’s Mujib Square on Saturday, June 24th, at 4 pm. The youth demonstrators also voiced their opposition to the Integrated Energy and Power Master Plan (IEPMP), which they believe conflicts with the objectives of the Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan.

Concerns were raised regarding the fourth draft of the proposed IEPMP, which sets a maximum target of 40 percent “clean energy” by 2041, contradicting the Prime Minister’s announcement. The draft introduces import-dependent and unreliable liquid hydrogen, ammonia, and carbon storage technologies as part of the so-called “advanced technology” under the “clean energy” umbrella. These proposals are seen as potentially detrimental to the country’s economy. Furthermore, the draft plan suggests a distribution of 30.7% fossil fuels (primarily coal and LNG), 32.8% “advanced technology,” and a mere 17.1% renewable energy by 2050, a sharp contrast to the vision of the Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan.

During the rally, participants vehemently demanded the immediate cancellation of the IEPMP, viewing it as an anti-interest draft prepared by Japanese institutions under Vision 2041. They stressed the need to prioritize economic prosperity, energy security, and a safe environment. The youth also called for the formulation and implementation of an integrated energy and power master plan, developed in collaboration with policy-makers and experts, with a focus on solar and wind power to achieve the 100 percent renewable energy target set by the Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan.

Following a keynote speech delivered at the assembly, the youth led a rally that commenced at the District Shilpakala Academy and concluded at Noakhali Muktamancho. Prominent youth leaders from organizations such as Noakhali Bandhu Shova, Noakhali Science and Technology University Bandhu Shova, Rotary Club, and Bandhan addressed the gathering, lending their support to the cause.

The passionate display of commitment by the youth in Noakhali district serves as a powerful reminder that the implementation of the Mujib Climate Prosperity Plan and the formulation of a comprehensive and renewable energy-focused master plan are vital steps towards a greener and more resilient Bangladesh.

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