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SL No: Project Name Funding Source
1. Strengthening the Role of Civil Society & Local Elected Bodies to Ensure Human Rights & Good Governance in Noakhali Feni District Canadian International Development Agency-CIDA/ through Gandhi Ashram Trust (GAT)
2. Human rights Mobilization and Education SUPRO
3. Case finding Project for Bangladesh Childhood Cataract Campaign in Chittagong Division of Bangladesh Sights Saver International/ Young Power in Social Action-YPSA
4. Environment Education School Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE)
5. Street theater Development for Nutrition Programme UNICEP Bangladesh
6. Initiative to Enhance the Knowledge of CSOs for Effective Campaign Oxfam International
7. Stewardship of Evidence based Policy Development Network (ebpdn), South Asia CEPA Sri Lanka
8. Promoting Access to Information for greater Participation and Government Accountability Article 19/ SUPRO
9. Non formal Education program BRAC
10. National Parliament Election Observation EWG/ NRDS
11. Develop a knowledge management System for Oxfam Partners in Bangladesh Oxfam International


12. Implementing Comprehensive Agrarian Reforms Program Oxfam/ CSRL
13. Organize Bangladesh Climate Camp Oxfam International/ CSRL
14. Create critical awareness of Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy Action Plan 2009 Oxfam
15. Campaign against sub stander seed and Fertilizer Oxfam/ CSRL
16. Democratic Budget Movement ActionAid Bangladesh
17. In search of effective to tools to protect asset erosion in Noakhali char area DANIDA (RFLDC)
18. Organize Bangladesh Agriculture Camp Oxfam
19. Agriculture long March `Peoples mobilization on the eve of 40 years of Bangladesh’ Oxfam
20. Raising Peoples voice for Comprehensive Agrarian Reforms Program Oxfam
21. Promoting Pro-poor policy reforms and public service for all Oxfam Nivib/ SUPRO
22. Advocacy for Climate Change Adaptation considering Gender Equity and Reproductive Health Population Action International (PAI)
23. Tax Justice Campaign SUPRO
24. Advocacy for incorporating Reproductive Health and Population towards Sustainable Climate Adaptation in Bangladesh Population Action International (PAI)
25. Promoting of Human Rights through awareness assemblage for marginalized peoples Relief International