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COVID-19 Response : Public Awareness and Promote Personal Hygiene Campaign with Noakhali Municipality

The coronavirus COVID-19 is now affecting 203 countries and territories around the world, says latest COVID 19 situation report by WHO, marking the first time nearly in century that almost every country of the planet is experiencing a complex humanitarian crisis. Being a country of around 165 million people, this global pandemic is now a major challenge for Bangladesh. Measures of mandatory restriction directives to stay home and social distancing to curb the spread of the Novel Coronavirus has already been adopted by the Government of Bangladesh.

In this context, among plethora of preventing measures to contain spread of COVID-19, Participatory Research Action Network-PRAN has taken initiatives to raising awareness and promote personal hygiene campaign considering the possible escalation of Coronavirus at the community. In collaboration with Noakhali Municipality, PRAN is creating, preparing and distributing poster, informative handbills regarding preventing measures like personal hygiene management directives to fight the virus outbreak and to involve community participation with mutual social distancing to be effective in Noakhali Municipality area.

As part of the campaign, PRAN has initiated an evolving Online Campaign to reach the large number of people constantly connected to social media on disseminating the message to prevent infection and transmission of corona virus. Relevant contents and videos on proper hand washing, maintaining personal hygiene, respiratory hygiene and importance of social distance is being regularly created and promoted through official Facebook page of PRAN. In communicating critical risk information to the community, promote solidarity and counter misinformation, PRAN is running this online campaign in order to ensure reliable and updated information for the connected people.

This public awareness raising campaign also includes ‘Public Place Disinfecting Program’. Spaces like marketplace, masjid, grocery stores etc in Noakhali which are considered essential to be covered, as maintaining social distance is a difficult task while commuting in crowded place, disinfectants are being sprayed regularly to minimize the risks of spreading the virus. Personal hygiene materials like hand sanitizer, mask, hand gloves are being distributed among the inhabitants of Noakhali Municipality to restrain the spread of the virus and alleviate its health and other direct effects.  

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