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Generation Dialogue | Prevention of violence against women

More than 500 local people, including young men and women, have taken an oath at Subarnachar in Noakhali to create a safe Upazila for women.

Negative attitude and distorted mindset of people is the most important reason behind the gradual rise of violence against women. It has now turned into a form of social disorder. Since the last parliamentary election, incidents of violence against women like rape, sexual harassment, and abduction, etc, especially in Subarna Char Upazila of Noakhali, have created widespread discussion and agitation across the country. People from every aspect of society must come forward to prevent this social disorder. Along with strict enforcement of laws, economic and educational development and also social awareness must be ensured. A positive change in a common attitude towards women is necessary at the same time.

The speakers expressed their grave concern and opinion about the ongoing trend of violence against women in a generation dialogue titled ‘Narir Proti Sohingsota Protirodhey Amra’ jointly organized by Participatory Research Action Network- PRAN and ActionAid Bangladesh supported by UNFPA at Saikat Government College, Subarno Char on December 9.

A report based on published news of 6 daily and local newspaper shows that among 71 incidents of violence against women in January to July 2019 , 15.5% incidents was of Subarno Char, Nurul Alam Masud- CEO of PRAN mentioned in his opening speech. The aim of this generation dialogue is to know the view of local people regarding this situation and also to raise public awareness in that area as well as preventing VAW by sensitizing civil society and people of various classes, he said.

The presence of youth in the event addressed their issues and concerns. The said not physical violence only, women are being harassed by use of abusive language which is very common for a woman moving on a public place and more vulgar ways are out there to attack women. Women need to be respected. The young participants feel the necessity to understand that VAW causes by distorted mindset, not by what she wears or other things people usually think of. They demanded to activate VAW prevention committees at the district and Upazila level as well as proper implementation of laws.

Tanmay Das, Deputy Commissioner of Noakhali District in his speech as chief guest said this generation is facing various types of problems and violence’s and they themselves have the solutions of this difficulty on the other hand. Prevention should be initiated from home. Principles of respect and equality, behavior, attitude towards women is part of family education. Elimination can only be done through prevention.  Changing attitudes towards women will play an effective role here. He also added, the criminals are getting away through political shelter which is not desirable by any means. We must raise voice against all kinds of wrongdoing.

Farah Kabir, Country Director of ActionAid Bangladesh, as a Guest of Honor joined the Generation Dialogue. She said that we must respect everyone as human beings. We still worry that this a woman’s cloth which cause violence. Such thoughts much are eliminated rather this is high time we should think why we think so. ‘We blame the victims of rape’, she added. We do not blame rapists rather we blame the victim one and this is the way we too are responsible for the present situation. She requested everyone to jointly protest against such practices.

Deepak Jyoti Khisha- Additional Superintendent of Police, ASM Ibnul Hasan- Subarna Char Upazilla Executive Officer and many others attended this event.

People from different walks of society participated in this Generation Dialogue. Some locals mentioned that there are still areas in Subarno Char where women are subjected to violence and women in their own homes in the absence of male members of their family.

The Generation Dialogue opened with the National Anthem of Bangladesh and ended with more than 500 people taking the pledge to act for preventing all types of violence against women.



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