Mobilizations across the coast demands solve the water crisis.

The coastal communities of Bangladesh are facing an acute drinking water crisis for a long time. The availability of drinking water is being decreased day by day because of the impact of climate change on nature and the environment. The struggle gets comparatively less in the rainy season. Butin dry seasons, the sufferings have no bound.
To draw the attention of policymakers and media to take action to solve the water crisis for affected communities, Participatory Research & Action Network- PRAAN organized district-level campaigns under the WaterMove Campaign in seven coastal districts of Bangladesh.
Organizations working on water crisis, environmental and climate issues conducted the events in their respective districts. Jago Nari, Badhon Manob Unnayan Songstha, Prantojon, Sagorika Somaj Unnayan Songstha, LDEARS & SoDesh, COAST Foundation have arranged mobilization events in Barguna, Bagerhat, Barisal, Noakhali, Satkhira, Coxโ€™sbazar and Bhola respectively.
Public demands were highlighted on various community-level drinking crises and possible policy solutions to ensure communities’ right to drinking water. More than 4000 people were directly and indirectly mobilized in these events.
Please visit the detailed report of the District Level Mobilizations here:

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