Network Status
CIVICUS : World Alliance for Citizen Participation Member
Shushashoner Jonno Pracharavhijan (SUPRO) District Secretary
South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economic-SANDEE MemberĀ
Bangladesh Telecentre Network- BTN Member,
Equity and Justice Working Group (Equitybd) Member,
Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods-CSRL Member,
Democratic Budget Movement (DBM) Member,
Peoples forum on MDGs Member,
NGO Forum on ADB Member,
Climate Action Network, South Asia (CANSA) Member,
International Child Rights Information Network (CRIN) Member,
Democratic Budget Movement (DBM) Noakhali Secretariat,
International Food Security Network (IFSN) Member,
Bangladesh Civil Society Network for Promoting Nutrition: BCSNPN Member,
South Asian Youth on Climate Agriculture and Water (SAYCAW) Secretariat,
Bangladesh Food Security Network- Khani Secretariat
SDGWatch Bangladesh Member
Stop Violence Coalition, Bangladesh Member