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  • To lead the activities of building up the nation for the sake of country and people
  • To conduct participatory action research activities on poverty, marginalization and development
  • To find out appropriate strategy for poverty alleviation
  • To facilitate social actions to eradicate poverty, ignorance and underdevelopment.
  • To promote knowledge based community through media and Information Technology for disadvantaged people and community
  • To inform people about the existing law and policy in favour of people.
  • To facilitate social activism in favour of disadvantaged and deprived population.
  • To inform, educate and mobilize people for basic rights and human rights
  • To facilitate establishment of community radio to disseminate necessary information and views for better livelihood and development.
  • To publish various type of documents, newsletter, documentary on rights, media, education, gender, developments
  • To rapport building, mutual friendship, networking, sharing and mutual exchange of love and affection of all members and staffs, partner organizations, community people, civil society will form unity, assistance, tolerance, community and brother-hood at every level.
  • To arrange different programs and initiatives to go on a sound, healthy and creative cultural movement with a view to remolding native culture.
  • To go on full cordial attempt to remove the violence against women, dowry custom etc. and will include special educational programs for the rights issue, governance issue, gender issue, women empowerment etc.
  • To adopt various voluntary works and initiatives like neat and cleanliness campaign, tree plantation campaign, programs against the city environment pollution, voluntary blood donation ceremony, eye treatment and donation programme after death, campaign for good governance, anti globalization movement, fare trade movement, Local/National/International issue based rights movements etc.