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Outreach sessions on Gender-based Violence organized in Hatia, Noakhali

Several Outreach sessions were conducted at the Women Friendly Space, Chanandi Union, Hatiya. With active participation of the community women and girls, the sessions were organized to promote familiarity and raise awareness of the community people with the WFS as a safe and inclusive environment for women. The sessions aimed to raise awareness about the importance of women friendly space and provide practical insights into creating and maintaining such space. The sessions highlighted the available significant service about woman friendly space, people who will give the service at this center, what kind of support they can get from the WFS etc.

The Case Worker, Midwife and the Volunteer jointly facilitated the sessions. They discussed the importance of creating environments where women can feel safe, empowered and able to freely express themselves. Participant were introduced to the key elements that contribute to a women friendly space, including referral support & gender sensitive facilities.

It provided practical strategies and solutions to address challenges, while encouraging participants to get  more engaged women-friendly spaces, empower women, and promote gender equality within their communities. The outcomes of this session are expected to serve as a catalyst for change, inspiring participants to take action and make a positive impact. More than 400 participants participated in the several sessions.

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