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Consultation on ‘Violence against Women: Let’s protest & prevent’ held in Noakhali

A consultation meeting ‘Violence against Women: Let’s protest & prevent’ was held on July 30, 2019 in search of effective strategies to prevent violence and ensure a safe and dignified society for women. The meeting was jointly organized by Participatory Research Action Network- PRAN, ActionAid Bangladesh and UNFPA.

Despite Government and different non-government measures to stop violence against women, news about violence against women published on various news sources on daily basis has spread widespread concerns. But among a number of incidents, only a few of them get published on media and rest of them remain unrevealed. The scenario of violence against women here in Noakhali is more terrible.

Taslima Akhter, Deputy Manager of Women Right & Gender equity- ActionAid Bangladesh, Kamrun Nahar, DD of Women Affairs Department Noakhali, Raha Naba Kumar, Director of Gandhi Ashram Trust Noakhali, Sadia Shamrin Hridi, Consultant UNFPA, different government non-government personals, civil society members, advocates, journalists, activists more than 50 individuals other than that of participated in the discussion led by Nurul Alam Masud, Chief Executive of PRAN. Analyzing the trend of violence against women based on the news published on 3 national daily and 3 local newspaper, a fact-finding report was published by PRAN. Based on this report, the participants mentioned various reasons they think are responsible for the sudden rise of violence against women especially in Noakhali. Majority of the participants think that drug abuse, lack of justice, procrastination injustice, impunity from punishment, etc are having knock-on ripple effect throughout the community that is leading some people to commit such offenses. People from every stage of society should come forward together to eliminate delinquencies like this.

In the context of various discussions, the speakers proposed some measures that can be taken to stop violence against women. Highlighting the importance of forming a pressure group, they said that an area-based a work plan can be designed with some responsible people from communities. Support of victims and witnesses should be prioritized. Positivity campaigns can also play a great role to change the negatory mindset of people about women. All the participant’s expressed their enthusiasm in comprising a unison that will work together to eradicate and eliminate all types of violence against women from this society

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