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Annual General Meeting (AGM) of PRAN held

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Participatory Research Action Network (PRAN) held on April 29, 2020.

Mr. Abdul Awal, Chairperson of the Organization welcomed the members to the Annual General Meeting. The meeting commenced with the unanimous approval of the agenda and other formalities.

Mr.Nurul Alam Masud, General Secretary and CEO of the organization presented the Annual Report, highlighting the events and underlining the achievements in the meeting. The members were discussed about future plans, progress and strategies of the Organization considering COVID19 impact in the meeting.

Financial statement for the for the financial year 2018-19 was presented by Treasurer before the members. The statement was adopted by the members in the meeting.

AGM has elected a new Executive Board and the Chairperson and Vice-Chair of the Board for the next two years 2020-21. Ms. Sharmind Neelormi were elected as Chairperson, Dr. Kazi Maruful Islam were elected as Vice-Chair, Ms. Rowshon Akhter Luckyย were elected as Joint Secretary, Mr. Aminuzzaman Milon were elected as Treasurer, Mr. Abdul Awal and Mr. Raha Naba Kumar were elected as EC member. Lastly, Mr. Nurul Alam Masud were reelected as General Secretary of the board.

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