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Patriotism and commitment to the national interest, sovereignty, and national pride:

Patriotism and our national interests will be on top of all our concerns. In every sphere, national sovereignty and pride will be given priority over the interests of groups and individuals. We will also be respectful to and promote all the good elements of our culture.

Justice, transparency, and accountability:

We believe, the rich, poor, indigenous people, small occupational class, people with disabilities and human beings of all ages cannot be discriminated against on any ground, and all are entitled to equal justice and rights. We will remain transparent and accountable to our primary stakeholders and others concerned for the effectiveness of our work and will maintain openness in our judgments and communications.

Mutual respect and gender friendliness:

We recognize that each person is uniquely creative and we believe in human equality. We have mutual respect both for the people and for their environment. We believe that mutual respect leads to true participation, empowerment, motivation, and commitment. PRAAN’s organizational environment will be one of respect and gender equality where everyone will be considered as human beings, not just men and women. Where necessary, we will discriminate in favor of women and girls to promote their rights.

Quality and excellence:

We will strive for highest possible standards in our conduct and performance. This will require continual renewal and regeneration of the organization and our work. We believe that we should seek continual innovation and not be afraid of failures. To achieve quality and excellence we must be transparent and accountable, timely, cost-effective, and work in appropriate and manageable ways.

Humility and confidence:

We will always be aware of our humility to the primary stakeholders of our work and other development players. We will be respectful and tolerant to the society, with various views, and creativity. To us, every human being is special with some unique quality that deserves respect. Simultaneously, based on our experience, quality and commitment we will remain confident about taking sides with the poor and marginalized people.

Respect for diversity:

We believe diversity is one of the common major characteristics in every society that paves the way for creativity. We will be respectful to the diversities with an effort to create and promote unity.

Support for environment and ecology:

We believe for safe and healthy living good environment and ecology are indispensable. PRAAN will actively take sides with all initiatives for the protection and betterment, and against any step towards the degradation of the environment and ecology.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]